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Mail processing time is days.

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If you wish to have us expedite your request, please enclose a pre-paid priority envelope with the required completed mailing forms from the US Postal Service along with your notarized application and check or money order. In person processing time is minutes. You must complete the application form online at the Kiosk in our office, which includes a sworn statement under penalty of perjury, in order to receive an authorized certified copy.

Please note if you are requesting a fee exempt birth record for a homeless person you will need to complete the Affidavit of Homeless Status for Fee Exempt Certified Copy of Birth Certificate form. Those who do not meet the criteria for an authorized certified copy may receive an informational only copy. The Office of Vital Statistics provides authorized certified or informational only birth certificates for birth dates from present.

The California Secretary of State provides authentication of public official signatures on documents to be used outside the U. Skip to main content Skip to site navigation. Birth Certificates General information May 3, Generally, copies are:. Data system programming costs related to extracting, compiling, and displaying data are dependent on the request and the system on which data is stored, and will vary on a case-by-case basis.

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Skip to Main Content. How to Request the County's Public Records Policy Regarding Access to Public Records The California Public Records Act declares that access to information concerning the conduct of the people's business is a fundamental and necessary right of every person in the state because it gives the public an opportunity to monitor the functioning of their government. What Is a Public Record? What are the County's Public Records? Who Can Request Public Records? What Can Be Requested Generally, all county records are available to the public unless there is a statute that exempts them from disclosure.

Some of the types of records that are potentially exempt include: Personnel records, medical records and similar files which would constitute an unwarranted invasion of personal privacy if publicly disclosed; Records pertaining to pending litigation to which a public agency is a party; Preliminary drafts, notes and memorandum; Records of complaints to or investigations conducted by a police agency; Records covered by the attorney-client privilege; Examination data used to administer a licensing, employment or academic examination; and Criminal history information.

If you are not sure which department has the records you are seeking, you can use the following resources to help identify the correct department: Links to County Department Websites: This section of the website contains an alphabetical listing of departments with links to their specific web pages, and contact information for each department's main office.

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The records you are seeking may reside on those pages, or you can make a request through the department itself. Office of the Clerk of the Board of Supervisors: The staff members in the Clerk of the Board's Office are familiar with the County's departments and may be able to help you identify the department that has the records you are seeking.

The Office of the Clerk of the Board of Supervisors can be reached at or you can visit the office during regular business hours at Pine Street, Room , in Martinez. Office of Communication and Media: Staff members in this office are also familiar with County operations, and can assist in connecting you to the right department. You can reach this office at County Enterprise System Catalog: This webpage provides access to a catalog of County computer systems that contain official records of information used in conducting the public's business.

Once you have identified the County department that you believe has the records you are seeking, you may request the records from it in the following ways: By telephone: Each County department has a telephone number that the public can call during regular business hours to make requests or to be referred to a County employee who can help with the request.

You can find those numbers on their departmental web pages. By visiting the front counter of a department: Each County department will have a staff person to assist the public with walk-in requests during regular business hours. By submitting a request in writing via email, U. Mail, or fax: Most County departments can accept requests by email, mail or fax. When submitting a request by one of these methods, provide contact information to permit staff to respond to your request.

To speed up your request, make your request as specific as possible about the records you are seeking. You may complete and submitting a Public Records Request Form link above to the appropriate department to help expedite your request. Provide contact information or arrange to call or meet with a department representative at a later time to discuss the availability of the requested records. Let the County department know whether you would like to inspect the records or have copies made which may involve a cost - see final section, below.

When You Can Expect a Response Upon a request for records that reasonably describes an identifiable record or records, County staff will make every reasonable effort to make the records promptly available to you upon the payment of any applicable fees. When Requested Records Are Ready After you receive a response from the County department concerning the availability of the requested records, you can arrange to inspect the records or have them copied: Inspection - If you wish to inspect the records and have provided contact information, a department representative will contact you to make an appointment to inspect the records.

If you have not provided the department with contact information, you will need to call or return to the department to arrange for inspection of the records.

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There is no fee associated with inspecting public records. Copies - If you wish to obtain copies of records and have provided contact information, a department representative will contact you with a time and cost estimate for producing the requested records. You may, upon payment of applicable fees, pick up the records when they become available or have them mailed to you. If you have not provided the department with contact information, you will need to call or return to the department to arrange for copying and pick up of the records. Commission Overview.

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